Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan (Joint Secretary & Director, Nasr School) on pleasurable learning

Q. When did you join NASR and how has been the journey so far?
A. I joined in 1985 as system analyst when a need was felt to make the school computerised. A comprehensive software was designed and I took up as director for computer studies. As Nasr began expanding, we opened two more schools. From a businessman, farmer and horseman to a teacher was a wonderful transition.

Q. NASR has been ranked among the 100 best schools in the country. How is it different from other run-of-the-mill schools in India?
A. Nasr is all about making learning a pleasurable experience. It is about complete grooming rather than just studies and sports. State of the art facilities with affordable fee structure is what makes Nasr one of the best schools in India.

Q. How do you see the scenario of education in general and school education in particular?
A. The education scenario in India is shaping up and the parent community is also asking for value. However, schooling is still a long shot as both teachers and parents are still after the grades rather than grooming. A student-teacher ratio of 60:1 in most schools is mind-boggling. We need more quality schools with larger spaces, a system of teacher training and a streamlined curriculum to overcome the bleak areas.

Q. Under Article 45 of the constitution, government is committed to provide free and compulsory education to children up to 14 years, but still there has been no visible improvement in the literacy rate. Where are the bottlenecks?
A. Though Right to Education (RTI) looks excellent on paper, its full implementation will take time and a lot more money. Most of the underprivileged children need to be given extra lessons to bring them on par with the regular students. Categorisation on the basis of caste and creed is rampant in our country, which is a serious problem.

Q. There is a growing need to upgrade the school curriculum and make it on par with international standards. How is NASR doing that?
A. Nasr has been offering education of international standards with CICSE. Constantly working on this, it was easy to bring it to international level. Through student exchange programmes with Japan, Germany and Singapore at present, and with USA and UK soon, Nasr is on an upgradation spree. We have found this niche very effective in bringing our students to world readiness.