Together we grow

Shamsher Singh Hura (MD, JAS Group) believes in growing together and making employees work as business partners

Q. Share the story of JAS Group.
A. It started with Dinko soda factory in the ’50s and later my father Shri Jasbir Singh diversified into textiles, hospitality and real estate. When I joined the business, we focused on creating a distinct identity in retail. Hence, further diversification into retail and distribution took place.

Q. Was joining the family business always a part of your plan?
A. After completing my business studies, I worked for Aditya Birla Group for a couple of years and then went to UK for further studies. I also got an opportunity to work as a marketing analyst at Avon. The oppportunity to join business and the need to be with the family got me back to India and join the business.

Q. Your group strides across sectors, how difficult or easy is it to manage diversity? What are the challenges that you face?
A. With diversification across sectors it provides the group a very dynamic prospect to grow. The major focus lies in managing people since the right team can make a difficult job look easy. The biggest challenge, however, is to constantly innovate and differentiate. As change is the only constant, hence need to keep on innovating.

Q. Being a young leader, how different is your leadership style from the traditional leaders? What challenges do you see here?
A. I feel every leader is different and leads differently. There is nothing which can be termed as a perfect style; it varies from one organisation to another. I believe in delegation of power and seeing people as business partners rather than mere employees. With delegation comes responsibility and expectation to perform. Ensuring they meet expectation and constantly motivating them are big challeneges.

Q. Discuss with us the USP of your business?
A. The USP of the group is the people and their energy. The average age of employees is less than 27, which is a fascinating fact.

The value of ownership among teams – the feeling that they are the owners and not just employee is what we have tried to ensure and implement.

Q. What is your mantra of success in today’s competitive world?
A. I dont think there can ever be a formula for success. However, there are a few things like change is the name of the game and need is constant innovation. People make an organisation and are responsible for its success or failure. As Bill Gates says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”