Bowling out the stress

With increasing work pressure and stressful life, Bowling has emerged as a new stress buster for people who sweat out at work each day

  • With alarmingly mounting levels of stress in today’s hectic life, the need to break free from the mundane and rigorous work schedules has become important. Many corporate and business professionals, sportspersons, students and people from other walks of life are increasingly taking to various recreational means to get rid of the negative stress and recharge their mental and physical batteries.In this context, an unconventional sport like bowling has lately shot into prominence in India, because of its great recreational value. The game is already popular in many countries across the world.

    Bowling has become a rage in social and corporate circles in India and has come to be seen and adopted as a lifestyle sport. It has managed to stir interest of people across the age groups, genders and professions. So much that, India now boasts of bowling champions and there are now exclusive corporate tournaments throughout the year dedicated to the game of bowling.

    Hitherto, it had a few takers and was largely consigned to oblivion, but now, with the increasing popularity, it has been designated as a regular sport. It was also a part of CommonWealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. There are bowling tournaments happening in all parts of world today and many young bowling enthusiasts from India take part in them.

    Harsh Vardhan Sarda, a reigning national bowling champion, who has been playing the game for last 32 years, wants people in this country to start taking this game seriously. He says the popularity of game has tremendously shot up in the last few years, because of the plethora of bowling alleys that have mushroomed in most of the major cities across the country. These bowling alleys have given a much-needed fillip to this sport.

    There has been a flurry of bowling activities in the last few years. New Delhi itself is home to many famous bowling alleys, which are thronged by bowling enthusiasts round the week, especially on the weekends. Some of the best bowling alleys present a symphony of elegant paneling, plush scientific lighting and feeling of space, thus creating the perfect ambience for a game of bowling. Many of these bowling alleys are in high-end malls in Delhi-NCR region.

    What draws crowd (mostly working people) to these bowling alleys? “It is the perfect way to funnel out the stress and fatigue of weekdays,” says Saumya Bagchi, senior executive, Airtel and a regular at these bowling alleys. Many corporates such as Rolls Royce, Hero Honda, AirTel, Coke, Nokia and LG Electronics regularly send groups of executives to these bowling alleys and even organise inter-corporate bowling tournaments for their employees.