Employee is the boss

Mauleshbhai Ukani, MD, Ban Labs LTD.

Q.What are the key qualities you look for while hiring an employee?
A. Aggressive and vision.

Q. What relationship do you share with your employees?
A. We are all one big family, and we share great camaraderie at work.

Q. How do you motivate and inspire your employees for better performance?
A. By ensuring higher accountability and you will be surprised to know that in my company, work responsibility (job function) has been prepared and submitted by each member themselves depending upon their strength and area of interest.

Q. How do you deal with the successes and failures of your employees?
A. In case of failure, my only question to the employee is: “What have you learned from this?”. I encourage them to forget the bad and focus on the good. In case of success, I appreciate them in front of everyone.

Q. How do you ensure the workplace is fun and employees are engaged at work?
A. We live as a family, and the atmosphere at workplace is always lively and positive. We interact with each other and share jokes. Generally, at the time of coming to office, I make it a point to greet all my employees who I refer to as my family members. I pay heed to their suggestions for any improvement. Employees should feel that they have certain authority and responsibility in the organisation due to which they take ownership of the task. Apart from that, to keep employees in good spirit, financial aspects of job are also taken.