One step forward

It is important to avoid resting on the laurels and constantly strive for excellence, says Milan Dalal (Director, Bluecoat Pvt. Ltd.)

Bluecoat has truly arrived and one thing that made this arduous journey exciting and exhilarating has been our commitment towards ‘bonding’ with all stake holders. ‘Arduous’ is a right word to describe this journey because there have been many players in the adhesive business and each one has been committed to outdo the other. However, right from the beginning, we focused on earning the trust of carpenters, architects and engineers – the people who influence the choice of ultimate customers in deciding about adhesives for their furniture. Then, the products spoke for themselves and the word of mouth publicity followed. Today, Bluecoat has become a household name, a rising star, a power brand in its own right, which is constantly innovating, upgrading, changing the game space, the mind space and getting firmly entrenched in the consciousness of our customers. Bluecoat is no more our product. Every customer who has used it has the sense of ownership and this has been both a privilege and responsibility that our team has shouldered well.

What separates you from the rest? What is your USP?
The players are aplenty in adhesive market, each one with their own USP, and yet Bluecoat today finds itself amongst the top notch players in this market. The reasons have been many, but a few things that separate us from the rest are worth noting here. First, we do not sell our products through distributors. Each vendor selling Bluecoat products receives them directly from us and this has helped us in having direct feedback as well as having permanent bonds with the vendors. Second is our direct link with the end users – carpenters, architects and engineers. We have earned their trust. Finally, we have made all carpenters our partners in profit. Some of the milestones of our brand are:

Bluecoat has gone from strength to strength since 1989. We began with trading chemicals, and then we shifted to manufacturing of engraving chemical. Our first foray was into engraving chemicals targeted at textile printing way back in 1985. We then focused in investing more into research and development. It has been our continuous endeavor to offer the latest products in adhesive market to our customers and this approach has also helped us in staying ahead of our competitors.

The entry of new generation leadership at Bluecoat was a great move. The young people of Dalal Group not only brought tremendous enthusiasm, but they brought their particular killing instinct, innovative ideas and their dash and gumption. Purav Dalal and Varun Dalal have helped a lot in making Bluecoat what it is today. In 2009, we received ‘Outstanding Efforts in Entrepreneurship in MSEs(MFg) Special Recognition Award’ from the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India. Recently, we were chosen for the highest award as a Small & Medium Enterprise and President of India gave away the award on 3rd April, 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

What was your first big break?
While we have been growing at a satisfactory pace, we consider our launching the unit at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh as a turning point, the game changer. It not only enabled us to phenomenally increase our output, but also substantially added to the profit figures enabling us to invest in research and development and thus creating a virtuous cycle.

What is your communication strategy or customer connect?
Adhesive products are used for furniture, whether it is made for offices or homes. The people who influence decisions in this regard are carpenters, architects and engineers. We have been able to convince them that we have few of the best products in the adhesive markets to offer to them. Having earned their confidence and they having earned the confidence of ultimate users has proved to be the best customer connect. Besides, our regular release of Furniture Book has also helped us. These furniture books not only provide details about our products, but are like coffee table books with photographs about latest trends in furniture.