Traits of Excellence

Vijay Jaju (CMD, Shreem Group of companies) and Shiv Kothari (CEO) are a great team at work. Mr. Jaju on their roller-coaster ride so far

Q.Tell us about your business legacy, starting 1939.
A. My great grandfather started the business of textiles, Marwadi Stores, in Ahmedabad which has been the founding stone of our success. We have increased the number of stores and have satisfied more than three million customers till date.

Today, we are a group of companies with presence in various sectors like textiles, real estate, hospitality, agro-chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We have robust future plans and I believe we will have a major contribution in the growth of India.

Q. What are your personal practices as a businessman? Are they influenced or developed with time and experience?
A. I consider human factor as the most important asset of the organisation. I have faith in my team and make sure that there are no resource constraints to accomplish any task. I believe in the words of St. Kabir, Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab, because it is the most important commodity in today’s world. As a leader, we have to foster our philosophy and vision into the DNA of the company, which is reflected in our product and people.

Q. What were the expectations from you when you joined the family business? What challenges did you face?
A. The moment I was born, I was inducted into business. I started in the business with the bottom of the hierarchy and I augmented by excelling in every task demanded at various levels.

One day I decided to make it big and then I started Shreem. The biggest challenges were to leverage my years of experience in retail and textile into real estate, coping with the fast moving pace of the industry and excelling myself in technicalities of this industry and market.

Q. Tell us the learning that you have gathered on your way.
A. There are no shortcuts to success; this has inspired me to give my 100 per cent in whatever I do.

Q. What are your personal plans of expanding the group?
A. We are growing both on vertical and horizontal front and have big projects in line. We are also coming up with the state-of-the-art projects for our various land banks located across India.

Q. What advice do you have for leaders of tomorrow?
A. Work hard, utilise technology to your strength, understand business environment in detail.