Buzz A Buzz

mamtaMamata’s Heartbreak  West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was positive about her being selected as the unofficial leader of those opposing the demonetisation decision. However, that was not to be. By trying to lead the team of opposition to the President House, she tried to mimic what Congress President Sonia Gandhi had already successfully done a few days ago. However no one replied to her invite, leave alone show up on the day of protest. She had no option but to meet Pranab Da with only her MPs in tow. She also wanted to organise a rally in collaboration with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, but that threat had no takers either. Consequently, she returned to Kolkata without any success.

bspBSP’s Preparations Behen Mayawati has started seeing herself as the next chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Some say she has already started making a road map for good governance. This includes optimal posting of bureaucrats as well as a detailed plan of implementing promises made. She also planned to set aside a ‘publicity fund’ to harp about the work done. To put all these in action, she has created an advisory c o m m i t t e e consisting of retired and serving bureaucrats with exemplary skills. The committee has already started its work as well. It has come up with talking points for politicking purposes. No wonder this has created ripples among other parties.

jaitleyJaitley’s Prediction It is not hidden from anyone that most of the friends of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley are media professionals. In days gone by, he used to promise his media friends that one day he would do such a thing that would put his name in the annals of history. The others used to make fun of not only Jaitley but his media friends as well, who took him for his word. But the situation has turned on its head. Those making fun of him are laughing no more. Jaitley, on his part, actually seeks out such journalists and reminds them of his promise, leading to awkward situations. Those who always believed in his promises have already been given plum postings.

congressSeizing The Moment  Congress’ strategists have advised its leadership that the cascading effect of demonetisation programme will leave BJP weak in Uttar Pradesh. To take full advantage of this, it needs to oppose the move both inside and outside the Parliament. They have also advised Rahul Gandhi to work on his image so that he can establish himself as a viable alternative to Narendra Modi. The cascading effect of demonetisation will impact the inflation and prices of things will rise in the short run. Party leadership has been advised to grab this opportunity. It is also expected that the fallout will linger for quite some time, leading to festering wounds. Rahul has taken the advice well and is leading protests from the front.