Determined after a comprehensive nationwide survey, the most definitive listing of India’s Best Real Estate Companies, India’s Top PSUs and B&E Power 100 are here!

Determined after a comprehensive nationwide survey, the most definitive listings of India’s Best Real Estate Companies, India’s Top PSUs and B&E Power 100 are here!

The following entails the research methodology that was undertaken to finalise the B&E listings. The research methodology commentary provides inputs on the structure of the research process undertaken, a part from the analysis and depth of interpretation that has gone into assessing the data collected during our nation-wide research in the specific categories in association with our research partner, India Council of Market Research (ICMR).

A stringent multi-phase research methodology was followed by B&E, in research partnership with Indian Council for Market Research, for determining the various listings.

The selection has been done after an extensive research across small, medium and large enterprises spanning the expanse of India Incorporated.

The survey was conducted over three discrete and consecutive stages:

STAGE 1: The all India survey was initiated by preparing an initial expert-generated list From this super-list, the initial list was generated based on proprietary parameters by the Indian Council of Market Research.

STAGE 2: Based on the initial generated list, a survey was conducted amongst 8,000 plus respondents from 29 States and one Union Territory (Delhi) of India.

Two structured questionnaires were formed and one-on-one interviews were carried out in the above mentioned geographical locations. The respondents included industry professionals and prospective applicants.

For factoring out specific characteristics of the responses, additional factors which tested weightage with respect to admiration and trust of the company/ individual amongst industry professionals and prospective applicants were utilised for the listings. In order to avoid sequential bias during the research, the order of the enterprises/individuals was changed for each of the surveyed geographies.

Each State from where responses were procured was divided into four zones – namely north, south, east and west – to ensure distributed coverage within the State in terms of the target audience.

The respondents covered during the research were classified and chosen from the industry in general, to avoid in­corporate bias of respondents towards their own corporations and heads. The respondents rated each of the brands on the given parameters on a scale of 1-5 (where 1 stood for minimum and 5 for maximum on each respective parameter).

STAGE 3: The results from Stage 2 were put through proprietary, stochastic, factor- analysis models to ensure appropriate filtering and tabulation of the above mentioned companies and individuals. From the list of enterprises and individuals shortlisted in Stage 2, a further sorting was implemented to filter out companies and individuals that qualified above the stochastically determined B&E Factor Index. From this list, B&E listings were chosen. These are the listing that you will witness in the upcoming pages of this magazine