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Rahul’s Statement Rahul Gandhi has stunned everyone by making allegations against rahulPrime Minister Modi. However, the party is tightlipped over whether Rahul really has evidence related to the personal involvement of Modi related to corruption charges. All the big Congress leaders are trying to dodge journalists. When probed further, Mallikarjun Khadge and Ghulam Nabi Azad, the party’s leaders in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively, maintained that only Rahul Gandhi knows about the evidence and that he has not shared it with the party. While Rahul may be confident about his allegations, people are still not willing to accept it. Congress leaders, on the other hand, are more interested about who is advising Rahul these days.

Gogoi in Agony Assam police and the Union Home Ministry has locked horns over the removal of Z-Plus security of Tarun Gogoi. The Home Ministry has ignored the gogoithreatperception report presented by the State Police and decided to withdraw the security. Gogoi is massively pained, but he does not know whom to complain. Since the state government is least interested, he is bearing the cost of security himself by hiring private security. The state Congress unit has registered a scathing protest over this matter, and has termed the entire exercise politically motivated. CM Sonowal is sitting over police reports for several months now that attest to the threat perception against Gogoi and justifies Z-Plus and NSG cover. Gogoi is also pained that none of the senior Congress leaders have opposed the move.

Shah’s Shamat Amit Shah’s control over the party is total and complete. He keeps on throwing his weight around by bullying whoever he feels like. And no one in BJP has the guts shahto give it back to him. When BJP lost Delhi, Dr Harshvardhan was completely side lined. When the little horse-trading game failed in Uttarakhand, Shah came down heavily on state leaders. But rumour has it that his iron grip is slipping. In the first Parliamentary Party meeting following demonetisation, MPs from Eastern Uttar Pradesh were very vocal in their assessment of the ground situation. Shah was predictably peeved. However, the MPs made it clear to him that they don’t fear him anymore. Many of these MPs know that they won’t be fielded again. And even if they are fielded, there’s no guarantee of their victory. So, there is no harm making one’s point. And that is what they are precisely doing. They have also started to rally behind Rajnath Singh, whose court is seeing some action after several years.

 Didi’s Dilemma Mamta Didi has belatedly realised that she cannot do much without the didihelp of the Congress party. Although no one can say for certain what the reason behind this change of heart is, what is visible is that the new-found bonhomie between TMC and Congress leaders. The party leaders joined ranks over demonetisation. They were seen together at other events too. After Didi was rebuffed by Mulayam, she was crestfallen. Her spirits were buoyed over Congress’ support for her in the Parliament, where the latter raised the issue of her security. This has fuelled rumours that a dialogue is in the offing between Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Didi.