Ex-PM Manmohan Singh seems to have donned the cap of guardian and trouble-shooter of Congress party of late. Till now he used to restrict himself to merely advising the party on economic issues. In one of the meetings of the Working Committee, he advised that the party should be more urban-selective. That is to say that the party must focus on urban constituencies as well. This voter knows that the UPA had done wonders when it came to economic development, and that the present dispensation is merely reaping the benefit of the works done by the UPA. Congress has taken this advice seriously, and has already started working on it. Insiders say that his star is on the rise again and there’s a shot on power as well. The recent verdict on 2G scam has wiped off all the blemishes from his face as well. Who knows what good things are in store for him.

Rumour has it that Prime Minister Modi is offering BSNL as a New Year gift to Mukesh Ambani. The plan is to offer BSNL’s towers in the first phase, land and estate in the second phase and spectrum in the third phase. VSNL has already been offered to the Tata Group, but this gift to Ambani is by far the best gift any corporate had gotten from the government. Rumour has it that the PMO has decided to value the land being offered to Ambani by fixing the base year to 1968. There will be a windfall for the company, no doubt. If everything goes as planned, no one can stop Mukesh Ambani from becoming the giant in this sector, someone who will be unparalleled in power and influence.

D Raja and Kanimozhi are feeling relieved after the clean-chit by the special court in the 2G scam. The court has said in its verdict that they were framed under an elaborate conspiracy. This non-scam scarred the Congress forever and decimated it in the elections. Now question is being raised on the motives of the then CAG Vinod Rai who clearly seems to be enjoying his closeness to BJP. This has destroyed the credibility of the very institution of CAG. Modi, who came to power raising the issue of corruption by UPA, has gone silent. Insiders are saying that he is playing a long hand, and is focusing on 2019. By then AIADMK will be decimated by infighting and DMK will come to power with thumping majority. NDA, which is not sure about its performance in 2019, is looking for new partners. And DMK will not miss the significance of this verdict.

The happiest man following Rahul’s accession as Congress’s chief is BJP’s Varun Gandhi. He is feeling stifled lately in his own party. Whenever he tries to raise his profile, his wings are clipped. Prior to the UP elections, the demand for making him state BJP president was ignored summarily. On top of that he was offered no role in the state elections. Whatever little role he had in UP has been burnt to cinders when Yogi came to power in Lucknow. But Congress party seems to have many admirers of his. He shares a cordial relationship with both Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Therefore, it is only logical that he jumps ship and joins the Grand Old Party. In that case he can be projected as the future chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Now insiders say that such a thing can happen in the run-up to 2019 polls.