The Foresight of the Sangh

By Pramod Kumar
The event to which the RSS invited former President Pranab Mukherjee Sangha ShikhaVarg,at Nagpur, was merely an annual training camp. A yearly event like passing out parade of a final batch of any institution and duly addressed by an ideologue or a public figure. When PranabMukherjee was invited for the same, there was hues and cry in Congress. The event passed without any controversy. Now, after a month,the follow-up story has a different account.

Last week Prime Minister Modi addressed Midnapur rally. It was the first ever political rally in West Bengal which was well attended and the crowd was responsive. Prime Minister Modi was highly impressed and appreciated Party president Amit Shah. Shah organized a meeting with state party office bearers where PM met a couple of organizers.To his surprise, most of them were newcomers, who had joined RSS and BJP a month ago. Initially, they had given the task to make the Midnapur rally successful. They proved their organizing capacity. They assured Modi and Shah to create a new history in West Bengal.
Later, He was told about the motive behind the enrollments in BJP and RSS.He was told that a phenomenal growth is witnessed after Pranab Mukherjee visited Nagpur. People made a bee-line to subscribe for the membership of the Sangh which increased by five times. This was later confirmed by Shri Bilal Dev, the state head Sangh Prachrak. He proudly reaffirmed that till June 6th the number of applicants for the membership of Sangh was merely 378, but a day later shot upto 1779 and the average of 1200-1300 people are applying day in and day out. The number of applicants in West Bengal is about 40 percent of the total number”
The story doesn’t ends here.Assam and North Eastern states BJP office bearers have same enthusiastic story. Assam BJP General Secretary ,Pramod Swamy says,” In Assam and adjoin state we have tremendous response when we talk about new comers.”
Undoubtedly, it will be said that  with other factors Dada also played a vital role in changing peoples’ attitude and perception towards the Sangh.A major chunk of newcomersis young who have either no leaning or those who are tired of Left and Congress are joining RSS and BJP. Regarding West Bengal, Needless to say, the applicants may be the staunch followers of Dada and this, in turn, has proved beneficial to BJP. The BJP will bear the fruits of it ensuing election.This proves the foresight of the Sangh, which should be a lesson for Congress as well as other parties.
In 2017,RSS invited former Nepali Army Chief, General Rukmandul Katawal, as chief guest. The others  who addressed the past convocation, spiritual Guru Sri Ravi Shanker, senior journalist from West Bengal Rantidev  Sen and some lesser known names.
Looking at the past list of chief guest, the question remains whether RSS deliberately invited Pranab Mukherjee, aiming west Bengal elections or it was mere coincidence. These are the questions which were asked during the debate and still in the air. The answer is now clear this move has proved as a convertible debenture for RSS and BJP.
A seniors RSS functionary from Nagpur, Shri Ram Narayan Gupta says, “No need to read between the lines. It was a simple invitation.”  He explains further, “The motivation to join RSS or BJP came from the observation made by Shri Pranab Mukherjee. You remember he justified the Rashtravad (Nationhood theory) of RSS. People of West Bengal are very sensitive and politically aware. They must have analyzed and then took the decision. It is because of this that lots of people from all over India as well West Bengal  are coming to RSS fold. It is a different aspect that their move may or may not help BJP in elections”.