By Pramod Kumar

Preparation of ticket in the name of report card
With the 2019 general elections in mind, the BJP is working in full earnest. The preparations look similar to a festive occasion. The government has come up with a novel idea of printing a card which will include names of dignitaries with a high profile portfolio. The first in rank will be Prime Minister himself, but the remaining worthwhile portfolio Ministers’ will also be included in the list. But the names of such ministers will be elected by the party President Mr. Amit Shah. The card will be enclosed by complimentary wishes and it has created a big row over it. The scope of selection is clear that it will depend on the progress report of the Lok Sabha constituency. The ones who are likely to secure a position are Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goyal, Prakesh Javedkar. At the same time there are others who have mentioned clearly that the party need not rely on them, these are Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharati. They have mentioned their unwillingness to contest Lok Sabha elections. As a matter of fact those in charge of presenting the report feel if Sushma Swaraj is not included in the list then Uma Bharati and Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh have not done justice to their ministry. Their report card is bad so is their Lok Sabha constituency. Hence, it has been decided not to propose their name for the ensuing elections, and to replace them by new faces. Just in case the former ones are repeated the party will have a big fall. The party will make announcement after the monsoon session. The party by such moves wants to prove that it no longer will need support of other parties to form the government.

Congress disturbed by its South Indian leaders
The South Indian MPs and leaders put the party in trouble for their political understanding and accentuation of Hindi. Congress has such people like Sashi Tharoor and Mani Shankar Aiyar. It can be said about both of them that they are not good at Hindi. Shashi Tharoor also gave a test of his Hindi language in a program that he can try to pronounce clearly while mimicking. He is quiet aware of the fact that he can get trapped easily if he speaks Hindi and hence he never speaks Hindi. What is the language of his love; is a matter of deep research but he is totally aware that he can easily be victimized speaking Hindi and hence he takes special care while interacting with the media that he does not speak Hindi. On the other hand, Aiyar has already put Congress into trouble due to his deficient knowledge about Hindi language and spoken Hindi with the help of a dictionary. He was in vanity and tried to shield himself in the presumption of reading along with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi thinking that the party won’t get rid of him even if he keeps on repeating his mistakes. But Rahul Gandhi deserted himself from Aiyar when Aiyar addressed Prime Minister Modi as a brute/rascal. However Shashi Tharoor is still in the fray. Shashi Tharoor is in the eye of a storm, yet again when he expressed apprehension that the BJP could tear up our Constitution and replace it with one that enshrines the principle of the “Hindu Rashtra”. Shashi Tharoor was cautioned by his party, the congress and urged to keep “restraint and caution” following a political row over his comment. Also the intellectuals from the congress have called Shahsi Tharoor to make him understand how different Indian politics is. Tharoor went on to explain that he is free to express his views, but instead of shunning away from his statements, the Congress should support his views and this can be a game plan to counter BJP in Lok sabha elections. According to Tharoor by walking this middle path congress will be nowhere.

Jammu and its excuses
BJP wants to implement its agenda in Jammu Kashmir. There are two possible options to implement the same either to get this work done under the President’s rule or dump PDP and fulfill the promises already made by the government. It is not that there is a problem in implementing the program under the President’s rule but the question arises is of the credit. The disgruntled PDP legislators are likely to join hands to form a “block” within the party and this group would be key to BJP in forming a government in Jammu and Kashmir with a face from Kashmir as Chief Minister. The BJP wants to trap Omar Abdullah along with Mehbooba for having more income than the universal basic income so that they do not come out of the inquiry easily and in the long term, BJP wins as many seats from Jammu so that they pave the way for the face from Jammu as Chief Minister. In addition to this, BJP wants to raise a question over the distribution of relief and assistance to the flood victims in Kashmir to be investigated. This is why it seems that on a short term BJP wants itself to be in a win-win situation and wants a face from Kashmir as CM so as to accomplish the party’s agenda and after the completion of this, the government of the Joint-Board should be dismissed and re-administered by the President. This is possible only when PDP is traumatized and split in Jammu-Kashmir. However, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav denies any possibility of such kind, but this plan is being embodied in a very secretive manner. Mehbooba has warned BJP against splitting PDP but according to the sources PDP itself is on the verge of split and that BJP will not have to work much harder on this. Sajjad Lone’s name has just been displayed boastfully but time consuming process is to check if Jitendra Singh will be a better Chief Minister or Raina. Jitendra Singh definitely wants to grab this opportunity as he wants to be popular and admired in Jammu. The reality is his ratings in Jammu are far from being poor, in fact Farooq Abdullah is more popular than him in Jammu who is seen mingling around in the city’s Raghunath Bazaar interacting with people. Ravindra Raina is far better than any other party leader as speaks out exactly those words that he is permitted for

Bureaucrat penalized over ‘Rapistan’ tweet
For  personal  outburst  , an IAS from J&K cadre is likely to face stern discipline action . The DOPT is all set to  set a an guide line so that in future  every civil servant will avoid to make comment  on any social event especially on his/her official twitter handles .The entire story  is  revolving story around a shocking incident .A shocker being reported from Gujarat this is an incident of a man for allegedly raping his mother has come into lights. Social media users and common man has been expressing their criticism about this recent incident that has maligned mother-son relationship.  But a promising Kashmiri bureaucrat was moved by this incident and it took no time for him to sarcastically tweet against the rape-culture in South Asia that he tweet South-Asia on his twitter handle as “Rapistan’. A grave mistake by an Indian Administrative Services officer Shah Faesal from Kashmir who topped the coveted civil services exam in 2010 is his sarcastic tweet on his twitter handle. His seniors objected to such remarks and saw his tweet as his failure to maintain absolute honesty and integrity in discharge of duties. The matter got so worse that the senior officers appraised the Union Home Ministry about his comments. Faesal has received a letter from DoPT that he has allegedly failed to maintain absolute honesty and integrity in the discharge of official duty and thus acted in a manner unbecoming of a public servant. Human nature you say! Faesal posted the DoPT’s communication on his Twitter handle: “Love letter from my boss” for his sarcastic tweet against rape-culture in South Asia. Presently he is pursuing his Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University. DoPT in its orders have asked for action to be initiated against Faesal over his tweets and sharing on his verified twitter handle an official letter that he received from his seniors and that many references made by him in contravention of the extant provisions of All India Services (conduct Rules) 1968/ All India services (discipline and appeal Rules 1969). He is bound to face Centre’s ire over the tweet and can lead to strong actions. Faesal says that he is so depressed with the incidents of rapes in South- Asia and in response to the sorrowful act from Gujarat it was his personal comment that came out of his personal opinion. And hence he has asked for a change in the service rule. But the fact is that the IAS Officer’s Association has not taken any cognizance on this. According to the sources it is said that Modi Government has different benchmarks for IAS officers in different states and hence this matter has been taken so seriously