By Pramod Kumar

Jaitley’s Jaadu!
Ever embroiled in controversy, Arun Jaitley exactly knows how to win his detractors through his mild manner. Take for example the last session in Rajya Sabha, when the government was on the target of the opposition. Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma were hitting a volley of criticism and the government had no option but to go on the back foot. The government was truly cornered. Sources say that Sharma used to be so charged up that Jaitley used to avoid him even outside of the House. However, on the last day of the session, Jaitley invited Azad and Sharma inside his chamber. Sharma was in for the surprise as a birthday cake was waiting for him there. Since that day, Sharma has become an admirer of Jaitley. The same has happened with resident doctors of AIIMS a well who received a personal letter of thanks from Jaitley following his discharge from the hospital.

More Loyal Than The King
BJP MPs from Bihar are suffering from a rather different kind of ailment these days: sycophancy. Such is their sycophancy towards Modi that it embarrasses everyone present in their company. However, this has a history. When Giriraj Singh touched the lowest echelon of political life by resorting to below the belt attack on Sonia Gandhi, he also followed it with flowery tributes to Modi. He was soon made a minister. Ex-Home Secretary RK Singh was awarded too for his sycophancy. This started a trend of sorts. The recent culprit is MoS for Health, Ashwini Chaubey. In a recent meeting, he embarrassed himself and others present by singing paeans for Modi. In an otherwise drab speech, the highlight was his paean. He went on to compare Modi with Vivekanand and left little to the imagination. Now he is waiting for this to deliver goods.

Bengal Tiger
Amit Shah believes that while Left is as good as dead in Bengal, the same fate awaits MamataDidi as well. This, according to him, will make BJP the real Bengal Tiger. To deliver this victory, he has started taking a personal interest in Bengal. He is trying to play up Sarda Scam, which might embroil several Trinamool MPs, MLAs, Ministers, several leaders in Odisha as well as Didi herself. This will be followed by an onslaught of propaganda. This, according to Shah, will see the downfall of Trinamool. And as soon as a breach is opened, Shah will put his leg in that breach. How successful will this strategy is anyone’s guess, but then Amit Shah can go to any depth to achieve his motives.

No One Remembers, Anyway
Rahul Gandhi in one of his rallies at Ramlila Ground had promised that he will go or Kailash MansarovarYatra following the polls in Karnataka. The Yatra started on 8th June itself and Rahul didn’t go on this trip. Congress Party maintains that the MEA is still considering his application. MEA on its part says that the application was received well after the deadline. Congress Party says that Rahul Gandhi is no commoner; hence the MEA should have considered his application even after the deadline. But MEA has held its ground and has not considered the application.