Buzz A Buzz

By Pramod Kumar

Losers to be known as Hari
Ask a MP who has been a loser might be able to explain what is the cost of a single vote and if he is to own 5-10 thousand votes that belong to a particular caste and vote bank then the former MP could possibly extend any kind of a service to any extent.  In the recent past there have been a similar such incident. Former MP from Kanpur, former Minister of State for Home, Mr. Prakash Jaiswal was roaming in the Parliament premises and was a bundle of nerves. On enquiring, it was discovered that one of the gentlemen from his parliamentary constituencies had come. The gentleman wanted to see the proceedings of the Parliament and hence Jaiswal brought him to the Parliament. But the security personnel did not allow the gentleman’s phone to be brought in for security reasons and hence he had gone out of the parliament to keep his phone in Mr. Jaiswal’s car. And hence Mr. Jaiswal was restlessly roaming so as to get a sight of the gentleman. He was worried about the gentleman if he could recognize his car amongst the other cars. On making him understand that his guest would come back on his own or try to reach out on a call by means of some or the other landlines but Mr. Jaiswal was of the opinion that he will have to wait for the gentleman as he is regarded as an honorable citizen of Kanpur.

Socialism in BJP
Until recent times all things were going on normally in BJP, people treated each other respectfully but since a few days now socialism has made its entry in the party, for which the BJP high command has expressed his concern and one such things occurred during parliamentary proceedings. The incident was such that Ram Kripal Yadav, Minister of State for Rural Development was giving details of rural development programs in Bihar, but the magic of his data was such that the MP’s of Bihar didn’t seem to be happy. Ravi Pratap Singh who very much belongs to his party went on to be so niggard that he declared the honorable Minister’s figures as false. He even asked Mr. Yadav to stop his so called magic and that his figures are false.  This incident left the minister more baffled but somehow constrained minister Narendra Tomar intervened and gave some assurance and stalked him with stubbornness. One more incident of the differences between Meenakshi Lekhi and Manoj Tiwari came into light. The TV journalists wanted to know the opinion of Meenakshi on the NRC. By now everything was going on smoothly but then a journalist asked for a comment on Manoj Tiwari’s statement regarding the Rohingya Muslims being expelled from Delhi, to which she became so furious and said that she is not a spokesperson of Manoj Tiwari and the journalist should not ask for her response for his statements. The BJP high command has asked for a justification from Lekhi and Singh and has warned them to refrain themselves from such things in future.

Rahul’s generosity
Congress President Rahul Gandhi is not in a hurry to come to power or become the Prime Minister, instead he wants the opposition to be united and for this he is ready to play any role. This includes the fact that he will not take any kind of post in the upcoming government, but he will exactly be ready to play the same role which Sonia Gandhi played during the formation of the UPA. However the party people feel that this is not as they wish and that the party should fight for all the seats. But it has been noticed that Rahul talks everyday to some Congress workers over the phone and he is explaining that the need of the hour is that the 2019 elections should be fought with the spirit of sacrifice and all efforts should be made to bring the opposition parties together, even if the party has to compromise and contest for the elections with a few seats. When Mamta didi came to meet Sonia Gandhi at 10 Janpath, she was given a message that the first priority is to bring all the opposition parties together honorably on a single platform, for which the Congress would take the lead. This strategy of congress has already resulted in a change in the attitude of the regional parties towards the Congress Party. According to the sources it has been noticed that Sister Mayawati in UP has also given a respectable proposal on the distribution of seats in presence of the Congress Party. Sharad Pawar has also welcomed this move of Congress, whereas Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has also given a positive impression towards Rahul. Senior members from Congress party are also of the opinion that it is better not to contest for the elections and losing out on maximum seats instead give chance to the winning parties so that the credentials remain safe and the path in the near future also remain open. Let’s see how fruitful will this strategy of the torchbearers of congress turn out to be.

Respectable and Honourable Thakur Saheb
Home Minister Rajnath Singh seems to be very happy these days as he is being given a great honour in the affairs of the party and from the Prime Minister’s Office as well. Even the proposal of non-confidence against the government he has been given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the government. Even while going for some important program, Prime Minister Modi does not forget to take Rajnath Singh along. Did this ever happen before or not? One of the things from an official of the PMO came in an unbelievable way, who informed that Prime Minister Modi wants honorable Mr. Singh to intervene on behalf of the Government on the non-confidence motion and to favor the government. Similarly, in case of Lucknow programs, he received a message from the PMO that the PM wants him to go for the government fund raising programs along with government officials. Rajnath Singh being is a thorough gentleman who keeps away from the persecution and he is also aware that this is happening in the electoral year. He is being presented as the leaders of the Thakur’s. He also remembers how propaganda was done to defame him with the formation of the government. But he is trying to forget this sad aspect and is happy with the respect given that he is getting this great publicity and that he is indeed number two in the government and the party is presenting him as the face of BJP in North India.