Buzz A Buzz

By Pramod Kumar

State Confidentiality Class
The opposition seems to be aggressive and the government is defensive.  On the other hand Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is sandwiched between the two; however the preparatory work of Rafale’s test flight has started in Gwalior as to how many Rafale aircrafts will be bought and what all modern technologies will this aircraft have and how long will it take to start with its product line in India. Or will the transfer of technology be handed over to India with transparency? For all these questions, the government will be under attack from the opposition until the next elections. And the government will continue to give some answers in response to these questions. It has been noticed that the opposition wants the JPC to investigate the entire matter as it was conducted over the Bofors scam, dating back to Rajiv Gandhi regime, the then Prime Minister and was accused of bribery. Rahul Gandhi somehow wants to take revenge from this government for accusing his father. But the problem with the Rafale deal is that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the purchase was signed between the two countries, which had a clause in it that both the nations were bound to keep the details away from the public domain. A breach of the agreement could impact security and operational capabilities of the defence equipment of the two nations.  But it is far from the point, the opposition wants to continually accuse the government and people believe that the way the government is only working to make the rich, rich. And the votes from the poor class get divided.

Patel’s New Decree
Ever since Ahmed Patel has been given the post of a treasurer of Congress, he is in a fixed situation as the treasury of Congress party is deserted. This is similar to the situation where a daughter’s marriage is at its peak and you are denied of a single penny to be used at home. The election of 2019 is the question of Prestige for all and the trouble of the Congress is that there is no state other than Punjab which can get money from them. To a maximum extent, Captain can help contest elections at Punjab. For the Lok Sabha elections throughout the country, there needs to be plenty of funds so that every candidate gets minimum of 50 lakh rupees. Funds cannot be expected from the industrial lobby as everyone is afraid of the government. Now the only way left for congress is seeking financial aid from its own people. Last week, on behalf of Ashok Gehlot, all state Congress Committees and Regional Leaders are continuously receiving calls for the fact that the Congress at such a stage that there is no other option for them other than demand money from their own people so that the condition of the funds can be fine. Congress is also planning to levy some fees on the candidates so that some money can be collected in the name of preventing ticket seekers free of cost.

Failure due to Stubbornness 
This proverb is getting convincing about the assembly elections of Rajasthan for the BJP. Especially when the poster/banner of the Chief Minister Raje is being torn and the party workers seem to be cribbing around that how much ever they work, it is not necessary that the BJP will win elections once again. The situation has worsened to such an extent that BJP President Amit Shah himself has to intervene to encourage the disheartened party workers. But the workers are not able to overcome this as they are facing a lot of resistance from the opposition. Let this be reminded, that a year ago the Sangh had advised the BJP that Rajasthan’s election cannot be contested in the name of Vasundhara Raje. The advice was that, if any other empowered leader is sent to Rajasthan and the elections are held in his favor then the BJP can get the state back. On Sangh’s advice, Om Mathur was taken into consideration and everything was all set to make him the CM of Rajasthan. As per the sources, Vasundhara wasn’t ready for this and there was a possibility of lot of chaos and on the other hand Amit Shah was not in favor of Om Mathur. The reason was that it would have been intriguing to Amit Shah as to how could Mathur succeed and proceed ahead of him where once Amit Shah used to sit in front of Mathur as a normal party worker. Whatever the reason, Mathur had then prepared, but the matter was postponed and it was averted. Rajasthan is going out of BJP’s control due to a lot of chaos and tug of war within the party workers. It’s a sorrowful situation for BJP, but who will take this matter forward to the BJP President?

 One More Vote Bank
 Scrapping section 377 has proved to be a unique example in the legal history of the country. The verdict which has been given by the Supreme Bench of the Constitution is historic the act that was considered a legal offense so far, it got constitutional clearance and the freedom to the LGBTQ community people to stay together. It is still not evident as to how big this community would be, but they definitely owe to PM Modi as this community has got recognition for their fundamental right. Ever since this decision has come out, the newspapers have probably after a very long time set up sky high banner headlines. Whereas on the social media, there is no end to sending jokes on the unprecedented decision that would affect and change the behavior of the society. The most powerful message on the social media is that the class benefiting from this historic decision will definitely vote for the government, which means that if Modi Government comes back to power again with the influence of favor, then there will be a big contribution from the LGBTQ in it. But the BJP leaders are not accepting the fact, instead they are feeling embarrassed after hearing the plea….after all, it may take time to get social recognition even though legal recognition has been received.