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Amit Shah’s change in attitude
As the elections are nearing, the BJP’s attitude has started changing for the Muslims. Talking about the party President Amit Shah, till September, he wanted the NRC Rohingya Muslims and illegal Bangladeshi Muslims to be expelled out of the country. Even before the electoral battle in Rajasthan, Amit Shah would not have left it to say, that when he comes to power, the very first thing that he will do is throw Muslims out of the country that are illegally living in India.  But since the announcement of the dates of the election of the four states, he has become silent on this issue. This is due to the election results of Karnataka, where the BJP has been defeated due to the joint opposition. The second reason is the internal survey of the BJP in which it has been said that the BJP will have to leave the strictest attitude towards Muslims just as the Congress is inclining towards Hindutva, in order to compensate for expulsion of Hindu votes. Then there is an issue of Ram Mandir which makes the BJP feels that it will have to take care of the minority votes or there may be a huge loss to the BJP while competing with the united opposition.

Desire to make a Parliamentary record
There is a lot of turmoil in the BJP about the Parliament session starting from the 11th of next month. The ruling party has decided that happen what may, the parliamentary affair ministers will have to pass any bill that is pending. Senior ministers including Anurag Thakur, Mukhtar, Abbas Naqvi, Jitendra Singh have been advised to maintain good relations with the opposition. The Parliament session is running smoothly, therefore, the government is also looking forward to Venkaiah Naidu and Tai Sumitra Mahajan, who will be strict in running the session of Parliament. The government has about 28 important bills which the government wants to pass in every situation, because constitutionally this session will be the last session of the present government. Although this government will introduce an interim budget before the elections, but the session to present the budget will be very brief and in that session the government will not be entitled to do any legislative work. As far as opposition’s point of view is concerned, the bill is not as important as its ideology is more important than the BJP’s policies. The Opposition believes that the responsibility of running the Parliament session is of the ruling party. There is also the argument of the Congress that the BJP has created a history of stalling the Parliament during the UPA-2 regime and expects that Congress should cooperate in running the Parliament. The Congress has a case of Rafael deal, the suspension of the CBI Chief, and it can stall the proceedings of the Parliament. But the government believes that even if Congress walks out, the pending bill must be passed. Only then can it be claimed during the elections that if there is a tendency and the desire to work, the work does not stop.

Foolproof strategy
It is the old habit of the Congress to hold back the list of ticket holders till the day of enrollment. Due to the chaos that happened over 48 seats in Rajasthan, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had to leave Chattisgarh’s election rally for the proper sharing of tickets for the seats in Rajasthan. There was a lot of hue and cry for most of the seats which somehow stopped. The list that came earlier had two shocking names. The first name was of the former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlaut and the second was of the State President Sachin Piolt. In a vague manner, it is an explanation that on the basis of experience the post of CM will be adorned to Ashok Gehlaut. In fact, Sachin is quiet, but he says that even if he doesn’t have the experience he has all the right because he is the one who has created an environment against the BJP in the state. The question is, if Gahlaut is the strongest general secretary of the Congress organization at this time, will he remain the exception of One Man One Post? But the reality is different that the Congress does not want to take chance even on one seat. Let this be reminded here, in the previous assembly elections, state President CP Joshi had lost the election because of one vote as he was tired and did not vote for himself else he would have been the Chief Minister. Congress wants to avoid this kind of incident. According to the sources, it is said that the finalization of the seat is the first priority so that the government is guaranteed to be formed. Sachin Pilot will be the claimant in the post of CM and after winning Gehlaut will remain in the seat and look after the organization’s work in Delhi because his role in the election of 2019 will be important. This is also because if Rahul Gandhi trusts someone then it is none other than Gehlaut. If you do not give chance to a new comer then you have to build a second line leadership too.

Didi’s Masterstroke
Talking about Mamata Banerjee, it is not an exaggeration that time has taught her politics very well. But this is also because there is no strong opposition there to oppose her. The congress supports the TMC in the state. Apart from this, leaving the senior left leaders aside, the other left leaders and the cadre has been merged with TMC. Hence she is taking bold decisions like giving the epithet Bangla to West Bengal and restricting the role of CBI in the state. She knows that if CBI starts investigating then there can be a case against her family.  So in the first place, she banned the right of direct intervention of CBI in the state. This was done at the time when the CBI itself was accused in a case. Under the guise of this, she argued that when the face-value of CBI is being questioned and it is clear that the government is misusing the investigating agency, it is feared that the government can misuse the CBI against its opponents before the election of 2019. Prior to this Chandrababu Naidu had passed such a proposal. Maybe Babu has given this mantra to Didi. Interesting part is that not only the opposition party but also Kejriwal the CM of Delhi are supporting this decision taken by Mamata Didi.