Modi shows the world that he is the boss

Here is something to celebrate Modi for. It’s been a personal delight to see our PM, Modi not caring about any American or any western pressure and living upto his 56” reputation by standing next to Russia when the entire world has been against them. He has not just stood behind Russia, he has also non caringly snapped up multiple cargoes of Russian crude oil at discounted price against the wishes of the real global war mongering murderous regime of war criminals who have the blood on their hands of millions of innocent civilians and multiple democratically elected leaders across the world— The United States of America.

My bhakt friends keep asking why I don’t praise Modi. They forget that from 2012 to 2020 I never uttered a word of criticism on him— including during demonetisation despite it being poorly executed. And as late as October 2020 I praised his NEP!

I hope this article today makes them happy!

17 years back, in 2005, I had written an article (link in comments section) with a hope that Manmohan Singh starts this initiative, but today I genuinely feel that maybe Modi (after his clear cut initial second class treatment of Putin vis-à-vis Trump) now might rewrite history by creating what I call as C-3– The Civilising Three.

Yes, it’s been my long standing dream to see India-Russia-China (yes you read it right, China— for India is close to Russia, Russia is close to China, only a China-India friendship remains) form a joint forum to take up the role of a balancing power in world politics today, to counter the complete one sided domination of the smoke ‘em out Capitalism variety being carried out by the US, having seen now over more than three decades the dangers of one nation dominating all others…this balancing equation that many in the civilized world are in search of can no more (and should no more) be provided by an individual nation in what can be called, a new world economic and military order.

A new order where every act (either in the name of globalisation or in the name of global peace) is being redefined and justified to suit the interest of one nation-the US. A new order where one man is allowed to go scot free after bombing multiple countries (from Afghanistan to Iraq) by supplying false information to the rest of the world through its powers of media manipulation. A new order where one man is allowed to go ahead with his war plans time and again without the sanctions of the United Nations (which today looks like a defunct and powerless international body). A new order where some acts of terrorism are worse than other similar and often larger acts of terrorism… Some innocent lives are more innocent than others (belonging to poorer countries)… Some countries have a greater right to violate UN orders than others… some countries have a greater right of making nuclear weapons for their protection than others and in the name of world peace they also have a greater right of bombing other countries especially if they are not a part of the developed capitalist world. In this new (post USSR) world order, power is not flowing solely out of the barrel of the gun but getting more dependent on the economic might of a country. And in this new world order; Peace, civilized co-existence and fair-play can be assured only if the balancing opponents of the US have a combined economic might that is strong enough to rival that of the US.

This new world order would be lead by the CIVILIZING CAUSE. The coming together of three of the mightiest countries in the world with each of them holding the key to future global markets (mind you, the capitalists don’t bomb their own markets). The more humane and socialistic orientation of all the three nations binding them together ideologically and the fact that they are neighbours binding them emotionally. Three nations with a common orientation towards peace and protecting it and with no past record of compulsive global aggression.

Unlike the US, all the three countries are also great civilisations with strong historical and cultural forces giving them distinct identities. They don’t form the likes of another G8, they make the unique C3 : THE CIVILIZING THREE. The coming together of three nations to have a civilizing effect on the greed driven, constantly warring, empty heads; With Russia representing the military might, China the economic might and India the power which flows out of the civilizing ideology of non-violence. And together they can be the new balancing force in this unipolar world of aggression at will. And, yes, they can’t be termed an axis of evil.No; Not even by evil himself.

Will Modi, Putin and Xi Jinping be the first to take the big step towards this inevitable alliance of great civilizations?

If it happens, Modi would thrust himself into permanent greatness for the cause of a better world. He has already taken the first step by taking on the might of the rest is the world by supporting Russia without flinching an eyelid.