Fraud worth Crores in a land deal at Chattarpur committed by Karan Bawa along with his mother!

Karan Bawa has very few snaps on public domain. Here is one where he is seen in centre.

Delhi based film maker & management guru – Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri has filed a complaint of cheating worth crores by Karan Bawa & his mother. Karan Bawa is a resident of Greater kailash. He lured Dr. Chaudhuri into believing that his mother owns a land near Chattarpur & took a huge advance from Dr. Chaudhuri. Believing the genuineness of the property as told by Karan Bawa, Dr. Chaudhuri gave him an amount of 1.92 Crores but the accused mother & son didn’t even show the photocopy of the original papers to Dr. Chaudhuri.

The Farm House No. is 9 on the Mother Teresa Drive near Chattarpur & measures 3 Bighas and 9 Biswas, comprised in Khasra No. 1278 min0-04), 1280 (0-12, 1913/1271/1 min (010, 1273 min (2-03), situated in the revenue estate of village Fatehpur Beri, Tehsil Hauz Khas, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

When contacted, Dr. Chaudhuri said that it was a good deal because it was away from the noise & pollution of the city & where I was thinking of starting a new management institute. Dr. Chaudhuri further said that “I was continuously following up the accused Karan Bawa to show the land papers as well as documents & register the land in my name but I was shocked when he talked about his farm getting sealed. Later, I realized that it was a trap to cheat me in Crores. It has been 8 years & I am still waiting”.

The agreement between Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri & the mother of the accused Karan Bawa reveals that if the land is not registered by Karan Bawa’s mother, double the amount would be returned by the accused. Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri has given a complaint against the accused Karan Bawa & his mother at EOW as per details— Office of DCP/EOW, Diary No. D-343 dated 14.02.2023; Which is now being investigated by the investigating officer of the Chittaranjan Park Police Station.

In fact now, a criminal complaint under Section-156(3) of the code of criminal procedure has also been filed before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate for the registration of the FIR under section-406, 420, 120B, 34 Indian Penal Code.