The Great Divide

Post-partition refugees in Jammu from the then West Pakistan and POK are leading a life of penury and misery, with very little hope of...

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Depending just on HAL and ignoring private players will lead to setback in the possible manufacturing of fighter planes, says prakash k singh


S. Ramachandran (GM – HRD, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.) says leadership is ALSO about Showing Personal Credibility

One Man Army


Dr. Manas Fuloria (Co-Founder & MD Europe, Nagarro Software) on MYRIAD CHALLENGES FACING THE Indian leadership

Zeroing-in on the grey areas

It is always better for organisations to figure out the problem areas of their people, writes Arshiya Ismail

A Bridge Too Far

Structural change and out-of-the-box thinking are required to realise Prime Minister’s vision vis-à-vis agriculture, says KR Sudhaman

Power to empower

C. Subramaniam (President–HR, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd) says a leader must empower and give a free hand to employees to execute the assigned tasks


“Failure should never allow you to shake your self-confidence”

Achal Bakeri, Chairman and Managing Director Symphony Limited, the...

You’ll be a Great Elevator Repairman When you Grow Up

F?@K Knows Why Our Education System tells everyone that...

Inventing ‘Backvertising’

While advertisers are reaching out to the consumers to...

The Power of Indian Brands

This is the time for Indian brands to step...