Decoding the compelling vision

Andreas Raharso (Director – Global R&D, Centre for Strategic Execution, Hay Group) talks about the traits of a good leader and the styles that...

Disability is not inability

There are immense benefits that companies stand to gain by integrating people with disability in their workforce, writes Arshiya Ismail

A humane touch

N. K. Patel (Founder-Director, Sun Builders Pvt. Ltd.) says managers must treat disabled employees humanely and with greater empathy


RETD. Major Rajesh Chauhan (Chief People Officer, Lemon Tree Hotels) says Disability issues are intrinsic to corporate diversity policies

Disability is not weakness

Subhasish Chakraborty (Chairman & MD, DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.) ON ENGAGING disabled people meaningfully, than out of empathy

Knowing inclusivity

Latha Nambisan (Senior VP – HR, Servion Global Solutions) asks firms to ensure the disabled do not feel pressed, overprotected or differentiated

Equal, not special

Harish Navuluru (HR Director, ArthaYantra) says disabled employees are articulate and their commitment to task is overwhelmingly high

On an equal footing

Vinath Hegde (Head, Customer Response Management, Eureka Forbes) says despite the heavy odds, disabled persons never compromise on efficiency

Healthy & friendly workplace

Organisations that incorporate disability matters in diversity policies create a healthy ambience at the workplace, writes Syed Zafar Mehdi


“Failure should never allow you to shake your self-confidence”

Achal Bakeri, Chairman and Managing Director Symphony Limited, the...

You’ll be a Great Elevator Repairman When you Grow Up

F?@K Knows Why Our Education System tells everyone that...

Inventing ‘Backvertising’

While advertisers are reaching out to the consumers to...

The Power of Indian Brands

This is the time for Indian brands to step...