Innovation Ecosystems

Ron Adner (the Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and author of the new book The Wide Lens: A...

‘All pieces of the ecosystem are not Mature enough’

Ishwar Parulkar (CTO, Provider Access Business Unit, Cisco Systems, discusses the advantages of developing an Innovation Ecosystem

Freedom from Scams

Rocked by a spate of mega scams in recent years, the UPA-II government has been forced to take measures, including plans to bring in...

Responsible leaders are by design, not destiny

Leaders have to give the employees confidence that they will always be there for them under any circumstance, provided they perform with complete dedication....

Plugging gaps

Sanjeev Duggal (CEO & Director, Centum Learning LTD.) ON shortage of skilled talent

Root of the matter

Mayur Patel (CEO, Proflex Systems) believes getting to the root of the issues and challenges is important to find the solution

Working in unison

Ravi Shankar (Executive Vice-President & Chief People Officer, Mindtree Ltd.) on the importance of increasing productivity by putting diverse HR functions and roles together...

Performance Management Revisited

Graham Little (Director-OPD International & Author) on new approaches in understanding the difference between perfect human performance and actual human performance

Social Recognition Media

Harmeet Chhabra (Chief Technology Officer, APAC Region – Grass Roots India) on how the mechanism of recognition is changing

One step forward

It is important to avoid resting on the laurels and constantly strive for excellence, says Milan Dalal (Director, Bluecoat Pvt. Ltd.)


“Failure should never allow you to shake your self-confidence”

Achal Bakeri, Chairman and Managing Director Symphony Limited, the...

You’ll be a Great Elevator Repairman When you Grow Up

F?@K Knows Why Our Education System tells everyone that...

Inventing ‘Backvertising’

While advertisers are reaching out to the consumers to...

The Power of Indian Brands

This is the time for Indian brands to step...