Monday, October 2, 2023
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Daily Highlights


Daily Highlights


Daily Highlights



Keeping in mind next year’s Lok Sabha elections and upcoming state assembly polls, BJP president Amit Shah has set his eyes on J&K. He...

Hindutva Makes a Comeback

The NDA government is in the last lap of its termat the Centre. In the 2019 polls it will be a challenge for the...

Congress Pulls Out All Stops

As the political temperature in Karnataka is rising, the Congress being the ruling party will have to bear the anti-incumbency pressures. Lessons learnt from...

BJP’s Calculated Move

Keeping an eye on next year’s Lok Sabha elections the BJP is giving emphasis on caste polarisation. It is trying to woo the backward...

Bengaluru’s Battered Roads

As assembly elections in Karnataka are around the corner, the Congress and the BJP are engaged in blaming each other for the crumbling infrastructure...

Rise of The Phoenix

Congress has one and only aim in sight – to win 2019 general elections. To fulfil its aim it has planned a series of...