Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Daily Highlights


Daily Highlights


China Eyeing Bhutan

China is making steady and bold initiatives to lure Bhutan into its fold. China wants to establish diplomatic ties with Bhutan. It finds itself...

Poll Bound Gujarat: A Challenge For Modi

The BJP has high stakes in the ensuing assembly elections in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s karmabhoomi– Gujarat. BJP president Amit Shah has set a...

Rudderless At The Top

From losing election after election to shrinking vote banks and ineffective regional leaders, nothing is going right for the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi has...

Budgetary Blues And Expectations

Modi’s reckless propensity to jump from one impetuous pole to another has pushed the economy to a brink, engendering social unrest in its every...

The Midterm Jump Start

With nothing much to show for two and a half years in power, the NDA government now looks at ways to deliver on the...