Buzz ABuzz

Buzz ABuzz by Pramod Kumar

Dire Straits
Rahul Gandhi’s condition post UP results is of that person who has been disrobed publicly. At least majority of his MPs hold him responsible for t h e debacle. In UP, he protested every suggestion at every step including accession of Raj Babbar, declaration of Sheela Dixit as Chief Ministerial Candidate and going it alone for the polls. It was his insistence that helped stitch the alliance. Naturally, he needs to take the beatings as well. He should be thankful to Captain Amrinder Singh who saved some grace. It is important to mention here that the Captain went against Rahul’s suggestions and held his own. Rumour has it that Rahul is so scared these days that he has decided to postpone the national Convention to allow time for the anger among the rank and file to subside. BUZZ ABUZZ by Pramod Kumar Cartoons: Uday Shankar

Panagariya’s Peeved
While Arun Jaitley is understandably excited with GST; Team Modi is not less excited either. And the most excited among them all is the president of Niti Aayog, Arvind Panagariya. He is telling everyone willing to listen that it was Niti Aayog that suggested the government about the ways to simplify that complex division of tax revenue between the centre and the States. Those in the know, know that this is not even partially true. GST was Congress’ brainchild. Anyways, Panagariya’s attempt to score some brownie points is going to meet a wall named Modi. PM is not known for sharing limelight and this has left the Economist rather peeved.

Captain’s Anger
When Sidhu jumped on Congress’ bandwagon, he was of the belief that he would be allowed to continue with his stint as a host of a Laughter Programme. Captain Amrinder Singh was of a different opinion. The issue reached 10 Janpath. Sidhu believes that Kapil Sharma’s Show sustained him in days when BJP had pushed him to the margin. He considered Congress to be a liberal outfit, and believed that it would not interfere with his livelihood. He was crestfallen when he realised that the Captain will have none of it. The CM used the legal route and curtailed his dream. Sidhu is heard saying these days that “All Parties are the same.”

Dark Horse
Om Mathur is one name in BJP that not many people are familiar with. It is mostly because he does not meet people or believe in self-promotion. However both Modi and Shah consider him a master strategist. And he has built his reputation down the years. The responsibility he was given vis-à-vis Uttar Pradesh has been delivered with aplomb. Rumour has it that a section inside the Party wants him to take over from Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan. He has always been an organisation man, but wants to enjoy the welldeserved perks of power now. However this is easily said than done. Raje is no push-around and will resist. How will BJP tackle this episode will be interesting to see.